– Our port boasts 3 tanks with a total capacity of 6,772 m3 in its fuel storage facility.
– Each tank can be filled separately, allowing for the placement of different products.
– It is possible to store white and black goods in the facility.
– The facility boasts a transmission line to the dock. Thanks to the connection between the ship and the transmission line at the dock, products can be transfered both from the ship to the facility and vice versa.
– Thanks to the loading arms present in the facility, products can be transferred from vessels to the land containers and vice versa.
– The loading arm boasts a scale that allows for the tonnage to be shown during the loading process.
– In accordance with the “Directive on the Issuance of the Coastal Facility Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate” dated 10.04.207 and numbered 30296, all certification procedures have been completed and the Coastal Facility Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate has been obtained.

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