Abiding by the principle of quality service and customer satisfaction, Trabzonport strives to offer its customers unlimited services by adhering to a more innovative approach using state-of-the-art tools thanks to the investments made in its operational processes.

– As Trabzonport, By adhering to our goal of offering the best service possible, we managed to make our port’s IT infrastructure faster and more accessible thanks to the server, network, hand and vehicle terminals plate recognition systems in place since 2016,

– We ensured efficient service understanding by integrating an automation system into our port since access to information has now become easier than ever,

– We used a powerful and more effective system in our Erp software,

– We integrated online services with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Thanks to the numerous benefits afforded by the advancing technology,

In order to ensure future competitiveness we will continue to offer;

  • 3G and 4,5G coverage at our entire port and wi-fi service at certain areas
  • Instant online management service with regards to field equipment
  • Online customer portal integration to our clients
  • Online personnel training platform services.