The Trabzon Free Zone is situated within the confines of Trabzon port. It is defined as an area within Turkey but is located outside the customs borders for high-value goods. It offers safe and convenient storage, where small goods are shipped by local markets. Therefore, foreign-origin goods can be shipped to the Trabzon Free Zone warehouses exempt of customs, as well as import and expense taxes.

Goods brought into the Free Zone can be dispatched abroad or distributed locally, with or without tracking. The potential to sell locally manufactured goods within the Free Zone provides unique benefits not available within the export free zones of competing countries.


In the Trabzon Free Zone, all types of commerce, transit trade and sales of all kinds of products, goods and electronic materials are carried out by Turkish and foreign companies alike without being subject to Turkish laws. Additionally, the Free Zone offers attractive economic incentives to foreign investors that include the following:

• Sending 100% of the main capital to the main country
• 100% foreign ownership
• Establishment of appropriations without local partners
• Exemption from corporate and income tax on earnings generated within the Free Zone.
• All areas of activity that are available to the Turkish private sector are also offered to foreign and/or joint venture companies.


The Trabzon Free Zone offers safe and adequate storage for high value goods thanks to its two warehouses that boast 11,000 square meters of first class coating and 20,000 square meters of open space. Both warehouses boast eaves loading areas and crane voids. Private warehousing is also available through small private 200-square meter depots.


The Trabzon Free Zone’s infrastructure meets all international standards and the Trade Center housed within the Free Zone boasts a prestigious building that consists of 1,500 square meters of first class office space, complete with modern commercial facilities including telephone, telex and fax. The Trade Center also houses the Port, Free Zone Customs and police stations, as well as two banks and a post office. The area is adequate for housing numerous units over 50 square meters.


For more detailed information, please contact the nearest Transbaş Trabzon Free Zone Operator A.Ş office.


Trabzon Free Zone
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