TrabzonFree Zone is situated within the Port of Trabzon. It is identified as an areafor commodities that have high value, which is within the country but outsideof the borders of the customs.  Itprovides a secure and convenient warehousing opportunity, where smalldeliveries of the goods of the local market is performed.  Consequently, goods originating through theoverseas trade could be brought into the warehouses of  Trabzon Free Zone as being exempt fromcustoms duties and from importation taxes and from other charges.


Goodsbrought into the Free Zone could be exported abroad or could be distributedlocally by monitoring or without monitoring. Opportunity to sell locallymanufactured goods from the Free Zone over to the export free zones of thecountries that are competitors provides unsurpassed benefits.

All kindsof trading, transit trade, sale of every type of goods and commodities,electronic parts could be implemented by Turkish and Foreign companies withinthe  Trabzon Free Zone without beingsubject to laws of Turkey. In addition, attractive economic incentives areprovided for the foreign investments within the Free Zone. These are;

·        Transferof the 100% of the capital over to the homeland,

·        100%foreign ownership,

·        Establishmentof subsidies without the need for local partners,

·        Exemptionfrom corporate and income taxes over the earnings generated within the FreeZone,

·        Allof the fields of  activity, which havebeen made available for the Turkish private sector,  is also applicable for foreigners and/orjoint venture companies.


TrabzonFree Zone provides a secure and convenient  warehousing opportunity through two warehouseswith an area of 11.000 square meters that have first class flooring for highvalue goods and through a uncovered open area with an area of 20.000 squaremeters.  Both of the warehouses havecanopied loading areas and spaces for the cranes. Private warehouse provisionsare available with special small warehouses with sizes f 200 square meters.





Commercial Center

Theinfrastructure of the Trabzon Free Zone full fills international standards. TheCommercial Center has a prestigious structure within the Free Zone. It has beencomplemented with modern commerce facilities that includes telephones, telexand faxes and contains first class office area that has an area of 1.500 squaremeters.  The Commercial Center hosts theport authority, Free Zone Customs and police stations as well as two banks anda post office.  The area is convenient tocomprise many units that have sizes of more than 50 square meters.



Pleasecontact the nearest office of Transbas Trabzon Free Zone Operations INC  for more detailed information.



Trabzon Free Zone

TrabzonPort Tel              : 90 462 326 38 00

Fax                                        : 90 462 326 3807